Nanotechnology Advisory Group Meeting

The SETAC Nanotechnology Advisory Group (Nano-AG) forms a forum for discussion among academic, industry, and government entities on nanotechnology, ranging from chemistry and toxicology to life cycle and risk assessment.

At the 2009 SETAC North America Annual Meeting in New Orleans a successful open discussion meeting was organized by the advisory group to share information and views with respect to the rapidly developing field of Nanotechnology. A follow-up meeting will be organized in Seville on Wednesday May 26th at 13.30. The objective of this meeting is to discuss current major projects, to discuss plans and activities of the Advisory Group, and to collect input from the SETAC membership for future activities.

Questions to be discussed in break out groups may include:

  • Can we make an international map of major projects and networks operating in the field of risks of nanotechnology? How do we efficiently disseminate new knowledge in this field? 
  • How would you characterize the state of the science within the main subthemes of nanomaterial environmental risks (detection, fate and exposure, accumulation and ecotoxicology, risk assessment and LCA)?
  • How would you advise the Nano-AG to translate these views into further activities such as technical sessions at annual meetings, technical workshops or Pellston-type workshops.

Time: Wednesday May 26th, 13.30-15.30
Location: room MEZQUITA (maximum room capacity 30)
Organisers: Bart Koelmans, Stephen Klaine, Frank von der Kammer

13.30-13.45        Introduction
13.45-14.45        Discussions in breakout groups
14.45-15.30        Plenary discussions & Summary
15.30                 Closure.

Contact and chair Nano-AG:


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