Short courses

On Sunday 23 May 2010, a range of half- and full-day short courses will be scheduled prior to the opening of the congress. 

The purpose of short courses at SETAC Annual Meetings is to provide educational opportunities to the membership and our guests. Teaching a short course also provides an excellent opportunity for getting to know (young) people working in the same field of interest and thus forming networks.

The following short courses are scheduled on Sunday 23 May 2010:

Half day courses:


Use of QSAR models for REACH: practical use of the CAESAR models.*


Marine risk assessment of chemicals and pharmaceuticals: the state-of -the-science.


Linking community data and exposure for mesocosms and field investigations – The SPEAR approach.*

Full day courses:


How to best conduct aquatic ecotoxicity tests according to the International Guidelines.


Speciation analysis with hyphenated techniques and ICP/MS as detector for improved environmental assessments. CANCELLED


The discovery of mechanism based biomarkers using “omics” technologies: a bioinformatics prospective.*


Statistical methods in ecotoxicology using R.* FULLY BOOKED


Current registration requirements for ecological risk assessment of crop protection products in the EU.


MODELKEY DSS: a Weight of Evidence approach for the ecological status evaluation according to WFD requirements.*


Modelling comparative risk of toxics on humans and ecosystems: the USEtox model.*


Ecological Risk Assessment and Management - Processes and applications.


Innovative technologies for recalcitrant compounds remediation: fundamentals and field experiences. CANCELLED

* Participants should bring their own laptop to this course.

For more details, please download the pdf overview of the short course descriptions.

Registration fees for the short courses are as follows:


Regular participant

Student participant


SETAC member


SETAC member


Full day course

€ 210   

€ 310

€ 80

€ 115

Half day course

€ 160

€ 210

€ 55

€ 80

Registration fee includes attendance of the course, course materials, coffee break(s) and lunch (for full day courses).
You can register for one of the short courses together with your registration for the meeting (register here). Already registered for the meeting? You can still register for a short course by e-mailing Rita De Koninck (

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